User Support Services

A user support specialist is a front-line employee who deals with customers when they encounter problems with a product or service. User support services are required to help consumers resolve their issues, either via telephone, email, online chat or in person

User Support Services
Printers support and cost reporting
Service Desk / Helpdesk integration
Print cost reports to review and analyze the costs and individual cost transactions that are associated with work orders. For example, we can verify the actual costs that were incurred by completing the work specified by a work order. Complete the following tasks:

Provide the Cost Summary report
Provide the Cost Detail report
Provide the optimization plan
The single point of contact between the service provider and the users. A typical service desk manages incidents and service requests and also handles communication with the users.
L1 and L2 support provision / L3 via contracts with OEMs and vendors
L1 support Engineers have basic knowledge of product/service and the skill to troubleshoot very basic issues like password reset, software installation/uninstallation/reinstallation. The ticket is then routed to the relevant L2 support (Integration support, Server & Storage support, etc …). L3 is the last line of support and usually comprises a senior IT team that addresses all technical issues.
Desktop User support (on-premise or remote)
Call-out support at users locations (COVID-19 tested and protected engineers)
Desktop support engineers are IT support specialists that assist clients with hardware and software issues.
Provision of specialists and engineers with Covid 19 protection standards