REDIMO (P2P End-to-End Automation Solution)

REDIMO, Azerbaijan's innovative P2P End-to-End Automation Solution since 2015, revolutionizes procurement and supply chain management by streamlining processes for improved efficiency. It effectively manages core data and out-of-system activities, offering a comprehensive solution to optimize Procurement Process Lifecycle. While digitizing the P2P process enhances transparency and organization, the challenge of integrating multiple tools and incurring operational costs remains a key consideration.

Dashboards optimized for business role.
Individual Statistics per dashboard.
Role based dashboards allows users to control incoming and outcoming documents.
Supplier Management through all the documents
Top 10 Statistics by deliveries & top 10 statistics by payment through all the Suppliers. Navigation to the Supplier Console on select, to get all the documents by this Supplier and lifecycle of all deliveries and payments.
Management of the contract lifecycle
Allows to track all types of Contracts. User can check if the valid date of Contracts is expired, track delivery percentage or if the payment date is expired. Beside these, report allows to filter Contracts by date, by Contract type, by Buyer and by Supplier. User can get more detail per each Contract from Contract Execution by selecting needed Contract from list. Contract User is able to track lifecycle of delivery and payment processes in Contract Execution.
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