• Fault Management
  • Incident Management
  • Change Management
  • Spare part Management

Arrays is an eco-system that provides tools to manage projects related to change management throughout its lifecycle including collecting faults from network equipment, handling incidents, performing changes using necessary inventory.
FAULT MANAGEMENT: Implementation of a central solution to collect, analyze and normalize all Faults according to given rules and provided topology.
INCIDENT MANAGEMENT: IMS system is targeted for implementation of a central solution to control occurring incidents with pre-defined automatic logic of Trouble Tickets creation and forwarding to Operations teams for timely resolution.
CHANGE MANAGEMENT: Implementation a central Change Management Solution is aimed to create, assign, approve and track all Change Requests, such as Planned Work Requests (PWR) and Work Orders (WO) and Trouble Tickets and automate the WO/TASK approval.
SPARE PARTS MANAGEMENT: Spare Part Management aims at keeping track of inventories as inventories of good quality and right quantities should be made available to different departments as and when they are needed.